NutraFoldin Drop

NutraFoldin Drop

Easy-To-Take, Faster Metabolism, More Energy

NutraFoldin Drop contains Iodine combined with Vitamin B12 & Folic acid. This formula is designed to promote healthy thyroid, prophylaxis of neural tube defects and prevention of neurological disorders in the foetus. NutraFoldin also supports healthy metabolism and increases energy.
Iodine is important for normal function of thyroid, supports a healthy metabolism. Iodine is also essential for brain development and the prevention of children behavioural problems. Vitamin B12 & Folic acid help with prophylaxis of neural tube defects and prevention of neurological disorders in the foetus when be taken one month before conception and during the first trimester of pregnancy. Vitamin B12 also contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system.

  • The clinical studies support the idea that the best estimate to date of the effect size of iodine supplementation on mental development in children 5 years old and under is 0.49, which translates into 7.4 IQ points lost due to iodine deficiency.
  • Preventing Major Birth Defects:

Folic acid can prevent many, but not all, NTDs (neural tube defects). Vitamin B12 interacts closely with folate metabolism and may play a role in NTD prevention.

  • Folic acid fortification has reduced neural tube defect prevalence by 30% to 50%.
  • One study found that women with vitamin B12 levels lower than 250 mg/dL were three times more likely to give birth to a child with birth defects, compared to those with adequate levels. For women with a vitamin B12 deficiency and levels below 150 mg/dL the risk was five times higher, compared to women with levels above 400 mg/dL.3
  • Children (6 Years and above): Take 0.5 ml daily, or as directed by the physician.
  • Adults:take 1 ml daily, or as directed by the physician. Dispense directly into your mouth or add to the favorite food or beverage for an alternate method.


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Do not use if seal is broken.
Keep out of reach of children.
Store in a cool dry place below 25 ˚C, away from direct sunlight.

Bottle 30ml with a packaging leaflet in a carton box.